Capoeira Espirito Livre

The site was developed using React and GatsbyJS to create a seamless,
native mobile app like front-end that perfectly suited the client needs.
Subtle animations and lazy loading images add flair to the entire experience.

Based on the researches we did, it was clear that our target audience will interact mostly from mobile devices with our website. Therefore responsive design, and the same look and feel across every screen size was my priority while developing the application.

The other main guideline of the development was speed and performance. Since the first sketches of the design we imagined big, full screen pictures and with Gatsby's GraphQL queries and advanced image loading techniques, this was achievable with no picture flickering or compromise in quality.

As a progressive web app it loads instantly, enhanced with Service Workers to work offline, either in the browser or as an installed application. Take a look at the our Google Audits test below.

"Entrusting our website to Gabor was one of the best managing choices I've ever made. He is focused and determined in every single way beyond measure! Not even the smallest detail could escape his notice, and he was always willing and able to find the best solution to the problems. I think he took perfectionism to a new level, and each time it was necessary he was always ready to start things all over again!"

Krisztián Oláh

Founder, Capoeira Espirito Livre